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How Exeter Studios was Formed

Exeter Studios was conceptualized long before our official LLC formation in 2017. To begin we need to go back to the cold winters of Boston in 2001 - 2003, where the seeds of our radically different company were planted, and the roots of our organization sprouted. Founders Jonathan McAllister & Stephanie Kellogg lived and worked on Exeter Street in downtown Boston. It was during this period, the founders learned the lessons of humility, kindness, and giving. 

The founders began their journey on Exeter Street in extreme poverty and it was a constant challenge to keep the lights on. Eventually our founders pulled through, but we learned a valuable lesson. Getting out of poverty is not the case for everyone. Our story is not so different for many in the world who live and work severely low paying jobs and struggle to survive. 

This period in our lives served as reference point for the future of how we chose to live and how we chose to found Exeter Studios. It serves as the foundation for our ideals of a public benefit organization that provides people with a chance at a career and small businesses a chance at success.

A Radically Different Company

1. Employ top talent to drive our client projects and teach other employees with less experience - The idea is to take a traditional company model and flip it on its head. Instead of forcing people into poverty we aim to pull them out. Our goal is to hire highly competent staff, and then have those staff help us employ and train people who wouldn't otherwise have a shot at corporate life (fast-food workers, Walmart employees etc.).

2. A Community Service Focused - ALL Exeter Studios employees will give... collectively we will participate in community service programs during company hours. We will serve 1 working day per week (4 working days a month) at local charities, food pantry's, soup kitchens, and social causes. Because good works are good for business. This teaches employees to give back and the encourages the company culture to maintain a level of humility.

3. Make Money by Helping Small & Medium Size Businesses - Exeter Studios will grow financially by providing design and development services. This will be done by providing them with reasonably priced yet high quality software development, and professional design services. It will give them a leg up against the competition and encourage small to medium sized businesses within our community.

4. No Management, No Egos, No Politics - Exeter Studios will be a completely flat organization. This model is built on trust. There will be no management, and no hierarchical layers. We will have coaches instead. The organization will be grouped into customer focused pods. Tightly aligned teams with specific goals. A pod will consist of a designer, developer, customer advocate, and operations engineer. The members of each pod will focus on a few client's projects and see those projects to completion. Then the pod will dissolve, and new pods will be created for the next project. The pod model gives employees a chance to learn each other's craft and grow.

5. Coaches Instead of Managers - Coaches will be hired at high skill level to help educate and guide pods. A coach's sole purpose is to teach and inspire. Pod members will have an opportunity to learn each other's crafts, and learn from coaches, while staying laser focused on the satisfaction of the client and the mission of the company.

6. One Mission: To Give - The primary focus of the organization will be to give. Give the best possible solutions to our clients, give the local community opportunities to make a living wage and learn valuable skills, given to those who are vulnerable and hurting, and give investors a solid return on their investment. This is contrary to traditional companies who only take.

7. Teach, Learn, Grow - Everyone at Exeter will learn and teach. Everyone at Exeter will learn together, teach together and grow together.

Meet The Exeter Studios Staff

Jonathan McAllister

Jonathan McAllister has been creating software, and designing since he was 10. He successfully started and sold his first technology business when he was 26. Professionally he's worked in many different highly technical roles at technology organizations of all sizes. His passion is around developing innovative technology products, designing amazing solutions, driving efficiency, and encouraging collaboration.

As it stands today he leverages 16+ years of professional hands on experience in software development, test, delivery architecture, branding and design, and organizational process. During his career, he has architected and implemented software build, test, and delivery solutions for cutting-edge technology organizations across a diverse set of technology stacks.

Jonathan has most recently been focusing on scalable solutions for some of the industry's most notable organizations, including Microsoft, Merck, Logitech, and Oracle. He is a published author twice over [Mastering Jenkins - 2015] and [Implementing DevOps with Ansible 2 - 2017]

Stephanie Kellogg

Stephanie Kellogg began her journey majoring in business and minoring in art in Beverly Massachusetts. After college, her journey took her to be part owner in Dimension Servers LLC where she played a pivotal role as head of marketing, sales and graphic design. Upon joining Exeter Studios LLC as a co-owner, she has advanced her role in design, business strategy, marketing and heads up our branding development initiatives.

Stephanie's commitment to customer service, business goals, company objectives combined with a keen eye for graphic design has proven invaluable in her tenure. Stephanie works diligently to ensure customers are satisfied and that the team here at Exeter Studios delivers solutions on time and of high quality.

Outside of business she is a mother of 5 and continues to do photography and art activities.

Govind Rai

Govind Rai has more than 11 years of experience in the field of Sales, Business Development, Account Manager, SDLC, building a relationship based on TRUST and responsible for ensuring that project / programs are delivered on time and within the budget while exceeding Clients expectations.....

Govind was also awarded Distnigusihed Leadership award (2015) while working with Taction Software LLC., He completed his Master's in Life Science (Specialization in Cytology) and holds an MBA in IT Marketing from the IMT Gaziabad. He is a visionary and an amazing individual.

Our Mission Statement: To develop and deliver software solutions at affordable rates, that our customers love.

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