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Exeter Studios was conceptualized long before our official LLC and business founding in August of 2017. Our story dates back to the cold winters of Boston in 2001 - 2003, where the seeds of our radically different company were planted, and the roots of our humble organization sprouted. Founders Jonathan McAllister & Stephanie Kellogg lived and worked on Exeter Street in downtown Boston. It was during this period, the founders learned the lessons of humility, kindness, and giving. This was where the idea for Exeter Studios was formed.

The founders began their journey on Exeter Street in extreme poverty and it was a constant challenge to keep the lights on. Eventually our founders pulled through, and learned a valuable lesson. Getting out of poverty is not the case for everyone. Our story is not so different for many in the world who live and work severely low paying jobs and struggle to survive.  

This period in our founders lives served as reference point for the future of how we chose to live and the vision surrounding Exeter Studios. It serves as the foundation for our ideals of a public benefit organization that provides people with a chance at a career and small businesses a chance at success.

Jonathan McAllister - CEO & Executive Director

Jonathan McAllister has been creating software, and designing since he was 10. He successfully started and sold his first technology business when he was 26. Professionally he's worked in many different highly technical roles at technology organizations of all sizes. His passion is around developing innovative technology products, designing amazing solutions, driving efficiency, and encouraging collaboration.

As it stands today he leverage over 16+ years of professional hands on experience in art, design, software development, test, delivery architecture, branding, and organizational process.

Jonathan has most recently been focusing on scalable solutions for some of the industry's most notable organizations, including Microsoft, Merck, Logitech, and Oracle. He is a published author twice over [Mastering Jenkins - 2015] and [Implementing DevOps with Ansible 2 - 2017]

Stephanie Kellogg - CEO & Core Design

Stephanie Kellogg began her journey majoring in business and minoring in art in Beverly Massachusetts. After college, her journey took her to be part owner in Dimension Servers LLC where she played a pivotal role as head of marketing, sales and graphic design. Upon joining Exeter Studios LLC as a co-owner, she has advanced her role in design, business strategy, marketing and heads up our branding development initiatives.

Stephanie's commitment to customer service, business goals, company objectives combined with a keen eye for graphic design has proven invaluable in her tenure. Stephanie works diligently to ensure customers are satisfied and that the team here at Exeter Studios delivers solutions on time and of high quality.

Outside of business she is a mother of 5 and continues to do photography and art activities.

Govind Rai - Head of Marketing & Sales

Govind Rai has more than 11 years of experience in the field of Sales, Business Development, Account Manager, SDLC, building a relationship based on TRUST and responsible for ensuring that project / programs are delivered on time and within the budget while exceeding Clients expectations.....

Govind was also awarded Distinguished Leadership award (2015) while working with Taction Software LLC., He completed his Master's in Life Science (Specialization in Cytology) and holds an MBA in IT Marketing from the IMT Gaziabad. He is a visionary and an amazing individual.

Neil Zamora - Core Software Engineering

Neil Zamora Neil has spent the better part of his life developing software solutions. He's an avid polyglot programmer with a focus on web and mobile apps.

Neil joined Exeter Studios LLC in 2018 and has since worked on multiple projects including Shopify, Collab Corner and others. Neil is a welcome addition to Exeter Studios Team.

He is a graduate of Cebu Institute of Technology [Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering] and is highly talented with Ruby, Rails, HTML, CSS, SQL, C#, Mobile App Development and more.

Marjun Makinano - Core Software Engineering

Marjun Makinano Marjun is currently attending Mindanao State University-Iligan Institute of Technology. He's currently increasing the depth of his technical expertise and enjoys coding on a variety of platforms.

Marjun joined Exeter Studios LLC in mid 2018 and has since expanded his programming skillset to include Python, C/C++, Ruby, Javascript, and PhP.

He is an avid chess player and loves thinking strategically. He has proven to be a highly valuable asset to the Exeter Studios Team.

John Grande - Core Software Engineering

John Grande Grande is a full-stack developer specializing in frontend UI/UX and responsive technologies. He has been developing user interface solutions and web applications prior the Web 1.0 days.

John has been on multiple projects with different backend technologies – front Java, PHP, Ruby, Erlang, Python, and the most recently, C#.

He feels at home with anything javascript and a soda. Outside of work, he loves geeking out on star wars, plastic models, and other pop culture stuff.

Joener Preagola - Core Software Engineering

Joener Preagola Joener is a highly talented polyglot programmer. His background in computer science aims his interests at Ruby on Rails, Python, PHP, Front end design, Databases and much more. Joener has a Bachelor of Science Math Major in Computer Science graduate on 2005 from Far Eastern University.

Ruby on Rails, PHP, AS3/Flash, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, JQuery, XML, Json, Angular, Ionic Framework, MySQL, Sqlite, NoSql(Cassandra), PostgreSQL, AWS, Rackspace and Softlayer

Our Mission Statement: To develop and deliver software solutions that our customers love.


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