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Investing in Exeter Studios LLC

We understand that there are many businesses that investors could endow their funds in. We also understand that with the fierce competition out there for investment capital, any potential investor would likely be interested in investing in a business that has low risk, and higher potential for a reasonable ROI.

At Exeter Studios we realized early on, that as a business we report to three key stakeholders (Customers, Employees, Investors). As a result, we designed within our business a strategy to help guide our organization towards success. We asked ourselves the following questions:

1. What will make Exeter Studios better than the competition?
2. Why makes our employees awesome?
3. How is a profitable opportunity for investors?

Let's explore each of these.

What makes Exeter Studios better?

This is simple to answer. Would you rather buy a service from someone who simply read a how-to book? Or would you rather do business with someone who has experience in performing the service and wrote the book? Our Exeter Studios founders have successfully implemented the solutions and services we sell and written two published books teaching and proving the exact services we offer. Now that’s experience!

This implementation and offering is quite different from our competitors. Often our competitors offer a consultancy service, yet they don't have real world experience in leveraging or altering that service for a successful result. All our services and solutions are battlefield tested and honed. When evaluating the competition, one key thing to ask yourself is: Would you take swimming lessons from an instructor who read about how to swim in a book, OR would you rather take swimming lessons from an instructor who regularly competes in swimming competitions?

The value proposition at Exeter Studios is to provide best-in-class services and solutions to businesses that will help them succeed in a complex, and highly competitive marketplace. Their success is our success; and we look for ways to help them do business more effectively and be more Agile.

IT services companies and B2B Agile implementation organizations seem to be everywhere these days. The most obvious question is "Why are we any better than the competition?". This is an excellent question. The short answer is we're better because we're more passionate, we have battlefield tested experience in the industry, and our organization is one with a soul.

What makes our employees awesome?

Over the past few decades the modern corporation has morphed into a generally undesirable working environment. Employee satisfaction has reached an all-time low. Recent Gallup polls [http://www.gallup.com/poll/188144/employee-engagement-stagnant-2015.aspx] indicate that the percentage of US employees who feel engaged in their work is maintaining a steady rate between 31.5% and 32.0%. The results of this poll prove that roughly 68.5% of the US workforce is unmotivated. At Exeter Studios we strive to do things differently.

When founding Exeter Studios our founders wanted to create a compelling work environment that inspires, empowers, and engages our team members. We are implementing a culture of inspiration, respect, and decency. We aim to provide our team members with the tools and motivation to get the job done, with the highest quality. As a result, our team members are passionate, driven, and engaged.

Our Commitment to Investors

At Exeter Studios, we are currently seeking VC and Angel fund investors to help us skyrocket our company's success. We are looking to partner with individual investors, and formalize a strategy that will be mutually beneficial. Each investment (either small or large) will be hashed out through confidential agreements, and a fair and equitable ROI will be negotiated.

We understand that as an investor you have many places you could invest your money. It is our sincerest hope that you will choose Exeter for your investment opportunity. Our commitment to our investors is to work diligently to ensure the security, profitability, and economically wise handling of all investment seed money. Each dollar will be accounted for and justified in expenditures.

We invite you to partner with us and help us build a worldclass organization from the ground up. We would be happy to speak with you directly to discuss any questions or concerns you might have. Investments of all sizes are currenlty accepted and resonable ROI's are being negotiated. This is a great opportunity to get in on the ground floor in what will be a very lucrative, and successful endevor. Our telephone contact information is provided below.


Superior Services
We understand the services we offer are also offered by other organizations. That’s why the quality of our services is top notch and of the highest quality.

For this we offer the option to travel to an organization and present our services hands-on. We present the subject matter in a fun and engaging way using workshops, thought experiments, activities and more. We aim for an engaging and enlightening experience at the organizations we do business with.
Industry Proven
All our solutions and offerings that we provide have been proven directly by our founders in the field. We have years of experience developing unique approaches at the types of companies we are targeting.

On premise or via remote direction, our goal is simple: To help the organizations we partner with succeed.
Passion is Profit
Famed business investor Marcus Lemonis puts his money into passionate hard working people, and helps organizations succeed by adding process.

Our organization was started by two industry proven veterans who know technology, and have decades of experience in the field. One of our founders has even written and published two books in two years, while working and succeeding in the field. He has participated in thought leadership events, hosted seminars, engaged teams directly, and directly implemented solutions on site at the type of organizations we target. How's that for passion?
Failure is NOT an OPTION
Exeter Studios was created by two founders, one who has five kids. With this in the picture one could understand that failure is not an option for Exeter. It is through a entrepreneurship mentality that our drive to succeed derives.

Everyone at Exeter Studios has committed to put in as much time, energy, and effort required to make this business a success. Through our passion and determination we vow to deliver a healthy ROI for our investors. We look forward to partnering with you on the aim of mutual profitability.