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Finding a competent development service online can be a tough feat. But it doesnt have to be! Our team of seasoned Python, Rails, and LAMP application developers have years of experience in most modern frameworks and languages and can help get your project completed quickly and effectively.

Having a rock star web design and development team like Exeter Studios behind ensures your business is in place to deliver world-class services, and products. Have you been struggling to create and develop or deliver cohesive web site to your customers? We can help. Contact our sales and services team today!


We create visually stunning custom websites each tailored to meet your businesses look and feel. Each site we design and develop by hand from scratch to ensure the look and feel of your business is conveyed effectively. All of our web sites we design are mobile responsive (they look amazing on full web browsers and mobile browsers too), and are coded cleanly and always maintainable.

Large organizations such a Target or Walmart have entire teams dedicated to ensuring their web sites are flawless. In this modern age your business needs a solid mobile ready web site to effectively compete.

At Exeter Studios our aim is to help our clients become successful as possible by providing cohesive and comprehensive web development solutions for our clients.

SaaS Solutions

It's no new idea that most people search online to access the services they need. Your business needs a website so you can be found.

Python Development

Since 2001, we've been developing software solutions using Python to build custom software for enterprises, startups and NGOs.

Wordpress Development

It's no wonder that over 20% of all internet sites use Wordpress. We offer customized wordpress solutions and amazing implementations..

LAMP Development

Highly quality & professional Linux • PHP • MySQL/Maria DB • Apache/NGinX development services

Ruby on Rails & JRuby

Expert Ruby on Rails development, API creation, GEM development & JRUby solutions.

Microsoft Technologies

Looking for custom software development? Our experts are fluent in C#, MSBuild, ASP.NET, and .NET. We do desktop apps, mobile (iOS/Android), web and more! Contact us today!


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Software Development

Python & Jython From DJango, to XMLRunner, to API creation and custom pypi modules
Ruby & JRuby Rails applications, Ruby scripting, Devise, JRuby & Tomcat, GEM development and so much more
C# • WPF • MSBuild & .NET C# Development is easily the cornerstone flagship develpment language of the .net framework. Our team of experts is fluent in C# up through 4.0
ASP.NET & ASP.NET MVC IIS and ASP.NET development are core features of Windows server technologies. Each carries a robust enterprise ready web solution interface
Linux • Apache • MySQL/MariaDB • PHP A Staple of web development since the early web days, these core web based solutions are robust and still in use today. Our team has got you covered.
HTML5 • CSS • JavaScript • Wordpress These modern development solutions provide a robust, and highly optimized solution for creating web interfaces and beautiful web sites.
Migration Services Migration Services (From Legacy system to Modern Tech Stacks, upgrades of infrastructure, APIs and Front End Web/Application services)

Platform Support

Ubuntu & Debian
Windows & Windows Server
MacOS & iOS
Android & Android NDK
Docker • Vagrant • VMWare • VirtualBox

Tools & Services

JenkinsCI & Hudson
Ansible • SALT • Chef
Jira • Jira Administration • Confluence
Agile • Lean • Kanban
Artifactory • Nexus • Archiva


Our web and development services can be purchased as a part of our design/branding solutions or independently per project. Give us a call at the number below and we will discuss your project, and provide a FREE consultation and quote.