Agile Education & Transformations

Agile is a philosophy that was introduced in 2001 by 12 industry software veterans and aimed at replacing long, risky, drawn out development and release cycles with shorter time-boxed release cycles. Today Agile is easily the most popular development solution in the world.

Many organizations purport to "do" agile or have even attempted methodologies such as SCRUM or KANBAN to achieve such goals but fallen short. Fear not, Agile success is within reach.

Weather your starting fresh with Agile or working to improve the agility of your organization, our comprehensive Agile services are designed for small to mid-size enterprises. We begin by taking a look at your existing processes and then work with you to educate and/or implement a scalable cohesive Agile implementation.

We are offering a FREE whitepaper, which describes the Agile philosophy in depth and how we can help improve your organizations cohesiveness. It is available for download completely FREE by at the link below.

DevOps Maturity & Architecture

Implementing a successful DevOps strategy can be a daunting challenge. It requires a change in culture, a plan of attack, a business justification and the automation of your technology stack. Many organizations are reaping the highly sought after profits of a DevOps centric organization.

While many organizations are paying homage to the DevOps concept, few are achieving a successful conversion into monetary profit from it. Those that are have managed to catapult their businesses from startups to large scale enterprises. Weather your starting fresh with DevOps or working to improve the strategically outmaneuver the competition, our comprehensive DevOps architectural services can help. We begin by looking at your existing processes and then work with the leadership to implement a scalable, value focused and comprehensive DevOps implementation. This can be accomplished both remotely or on site.

For more information and to learn what is and isn't DevOps, we are offering a FREE whitepaper, which describes DevOps in depth and outlines how DevOps can help improve your organizations cohesiveness. It is available for download completely FREE. If you’re interested in learning more about how Exeter Studios can implement or enhance your DevOps goals, feel free to reach out to us and ask us the Exeter Studios subject matter experts team on DevOps can assist your organization.

Automation & Configuration Management Solutions

The core concepts of Agile software development methodology and DevOps Architecture are combined to create a unified business strategy for creating and delivering a cohesive software project into customer’s hands quickly. This implementation of these two distinct strategies takes a wide breadth of both technical skill, soft skills and tact.

On the technical side the implementation of DevOps concepts into tangible delivery pipelines requires fluency with your technology stack, and in-depth programming skills to ensure the implementation does not become a large ball of mud. Once the tangible implementation has been completed, there are a number of related requirements (documentation, evangelization, scaling).

At Exeter Studio’s we employ the best of the best and will work tirelessly to help your organization achieve success in its market. We will help implement the right tooling for the right job, and ensure the systems implemented are scalable and easy to understand. We invite you collaborate with Exeter Studios and implement a DevOps strategy that will propel your business into the stratosphere.